The International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners  

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    ISFCE membership is currently limited to CCE certified individuals. ISFCE members currently enjoy benefits including reduced insurance rates, access to valuable forensic resources, discounted pricing on forensic tools and interaction with other ISFCE members. Although currently undecided, some of these benefits are expected be made available for non-certified members.

    Professional Insurance

    The ISFCE is now a member of The Alliance Group of Associations.  This means that all CCEs are eligible to place insurance coverage through Insurance Tek if they so choose.   We anticipate that this will give CCEs an opportunity to review and secure competitive professional insurance coverage rates. 
    To find out more information, please take a look at the program and application online at (Investigators, Process Servers and Field Service Application) or call the Insurance Tek office at (425) 357-1555.  If you choose to move forward with this insurance, the provider will confirm membership status with ISFCE prior to placing coverage.


    CCE ListServ

    All Certified Computer Examiners (CCEs) are automatically subscribed to the CCE ListServ.  This resource provides CCEs access to all other CCEs worldwide and enables quick and easy information sharing regarding current computer forensic practice.  Topics such as job opportunities, new product reviews, current industry practices and problem solving are frequently discussed.


    The ISFCE is continually adding resources for the CCEs including:

    • The Journal of th International Society of Forensic Computer Examiners (JISFCE)

    • Access to Research and Development evaluations conducted by our staff.

    • The ISFCE Monthly, a periodic newsletter.


    Software Discounts

    ISFCE members have access to specific hardware and software discounts. These include products from developers such as:

    Access Data


    ASR Data

    Runtime Software