All certification or recertification candidates that wish to appeal the score of their certification examination problem may do so according to this policy.

1.0 All certification or recertification candidates that wish to appeal the score they receive from the ISFCE on a certification examination, may file an appeal with the ISFCE Appeal Committee.

2.0 All appeal requests must be filed with the ISFCE Appeal Committee. The appeal request must be submitted written format, outlining specific concerns and reasons for the request.

2.1 The request must include the name and contact information of the requestor.

3.0 Appeal requests will normally be investigated by the ISFCE Appeal Committee.

4.0 The ISFCE Appeal Committee will review any certification scoring or other appeal made by a certification candidate and independently rule on the accuracy of that score and report findings to ISFCE Certification Board.

5.0 The Appeal Committee will remain impartial and will thoroughly examine all appeals.

6.0 The Appeal Committee will request a rescore of an individual’s CCE examination results by at least one ISFCE Appeal Committee representative.

6.1 The name of the requestor and the initial score of the certification examination will be withheld from the Appeal Committee representative tasked with rescoring the certification examination.

6.2 The individual appealing may only appeal and request a rescore on the most recently submitted CCE practical examination score. Once a subsequent CCE practical examination is distributed to the individual, that individual may no longer appeal the previous examination score.

6.3 Appeal scoring will be completed by the Appeal Committee representative within 10 business days of the appeal request.

7.0 The Appeal Committee will internally review the results of the rescoring of the certification examination, discuss findings and report those finding to the Certification Board for review.

8.0 If the rescore changes the pass or fail status of the requestor’s certification examination results, the Appeal Committee will advise the Certification Board to revise the original denial of certification and award the requestor with certification.

9.0 If the rescore does not change the outcome of the certification award, the Appeal Committee will advise the Certification Board that no change in certification status is necessary.

10.0 The score reported by the Appeal Committee will stand as the final score for the requestor.

11.0 No appeals will be accepted unless the score being appealed is below 70% for certification candidates or 80% for recertification candidates.

12.0 The Certification Board will act on those recommendations and advise the requestor of the outcome of the appeal.

13.0 No feedback on the scoring process or any scoring differences will be provided to the requestor. Only the rescore results will be provided to the requestor.

14.0 An appeal may only be requested once per certification attempt by a certification candidate.

15.0 Appeals may be requested for certification OR recertification examinations.