1.0 The ISFCE will display all certification programs and related information on the www.isfce.com website.

2.0 The website will be the primary source of communication to prospective certification candidates.

3.0 The ISFCE Director is responsible for ensuring the website content meets the requirements of this policy and is updated in a timely manner when necessary.

4.0 The website will clearly define and make available to the public information regarding the ISFCE and all certification programs offered by the ISFCE.

5.0 The website will include the following information:

5.1 A description of the organizational structure and legal status of the organization.

5.2 The purpose of the all certification programs offered by the ISFCE.

5.3 An outline of the scope of the all certification programs, including:

5.3.1 The area covered by the certification

5.3.2 The required knowledge, skills and abilities of certification candidates

5.3.3 The minimum education, training and experience required of certification candidates

5.3.4 A description of the procedures used to test or evaluate the knowledge skills and abilities of the certification candidate

5.3.5 The standards and rules for granting, maintaining, suspending and revoking certification

5.3.6 A full description of the recertification standards and procedures for certificants, including the minimum standards required and any alternate pathways for recertification

5.3.7 Criteria used to evaluate and approve Authorized Training Centers (ATC)

5.3.8 Requirements for instructors that deliver ATC training

5.3.9 The application form and an outline of the application process, including a statement that the certification candidate agrees to comply with the requirements for certification.

5.3.10 A description of how certified individuals are authorized to use the ISFCE Certified Computer Examiner (CCE)® mark and any other mark related to the ISFCE or certification.

5.3.11 A directory of certified individuals

5.3.12 A directory of all Certification Board and ISFCE Committee members

6.0 All information posted on the ISFCE website will be detailed in a manner that will clearly state how certification candidates were assessed and the minimum qualifications and experience they were required to have prior to certification being granted.

7.0 If certification standards undergo substantive changes, a description of the changes will be listed on the website along with corresponding dates of when the changes become effective.