CCE List Serv members may post questions about technical issues and other issues pertinent to the field and science of computer forensics. Protracted technical discussions should be conducted off-list between individual members.

As solutions are found to problems posted, members are encouraged to advise the general membership of the solution.

Rules for posting to the CCE List Serv:

  • All messages to the List Serv must originate from an email address currently subscribed to this list. You may contact in order to update this subscription at any time.
  • All posts must include the real name of the author. Using an alias/handle/screen name/nickname in a signature is not permitted.
  • “Cross posting” (i.e. addressing a message to more than one mailing list) is not allowed.
  • Abusive, harassing, extraneous, or off-topic comments will not be tolerated.
  • No advertising for products or services is permitted on the CCE List Serv. In order to help avoid this, it is recommended that any job postings or attempts to sell personally owned tools or software licenses first be approved through prior to posting.
  • Failure to abide by any these rules may result in permanent removal from the CCE List Serv community.

Note - While this list is only made available privately within the ISFCE/CCE community, any text posted to this list can be referenced publicly. There should not be any expectation of privacy when sharing information to the CCE List Serv. In addition, no comments made within these discussions should be taken as fact and any questions referring to legal matters should be discussed with licensed legal counsel.